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11-Feb-2018 12:08

We find that there to be only subtle tonal differences between the So Co Deluxe and I-35 Deluxe models.Both guitars have semi-hollow body construction and use the same low-wind Imperial humbuckers from Jason Lollar.Here is a source for JP 90 pickguards: Ive just bought a JP-90, almost new (because its hasnt been used)..i would like some information about it.For example what does J) 90 stands for, or where to find more pickguards, cases, or replacemente picks. I've started to rebuild my old Fender JP 90, but i have some problems and i hope anyone can help me.I can't read the details of the potentiometers, it's to old.Flame maple tends to be harder and heavier than quilted maple, which can translate to a slightly more focused attack with fewer overtones.Lighter weight quilted maple tends to bring out more of the acoustic qualities of the guitar, which can create more complex overtones.

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All custom orders must be placed through an authorized Collings dealer.The Mark 2 designation saw the inclusion of the 200 model along with the L100 Mark 2.

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