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For instance, in the SQLData Source, the e parameter gives you access to the Command object being used and all of its properties. Select Command Type = Sql Data Source Command Type. If you decide to switch from SQL to Entity Framework, for instance, you won't have to change any code if you've used the Data View's events.

The SQLData Source's *ing events are the best place to set values in any parameters that your SQL statements are using. Tailoring Queries In the Selecting event, additional options are available through the Select Arguments object that's available through the e parameter's Arguments property.

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If we could have accessed the Bind method ,that implicitly performs two-way binding, in the code-behind then we could have just override the Row Databound event and assigned the value to the gridview's checkbox control using the Bind method.

Row Updating = new Sql Row Updating Event Handler(da_Row Updating); da.

I'm having difficulty with and not sure if I just need the or if I need to send a different request to server. The problem now is to use the Row Editing plugin to add a new record in the grid. If I use the Row Editing plugin method canceledit , a row will be removed not only when the method is invoked if I add a new record, as the method canceledit is called when I update a record (in this case I do not want to remove).

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