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Navratilova reveals that Julia’s younger daughter had been badgering to propose to her mother all year.

And if Martina feels anxious about becoming a mum herself at 58, she doesn’t show it.” Fact is, the girls are now thirteen and eight, and the couple started dating in 2006, so Navratilova has been around for a good portion of their lives. Many same-sex couples do not — and many cannot — tie relationship roles to legal markers.

Now she’s ready to test herself and see how she will fare with the Foxtrot, the Mambo and Ballroom dancing in front of millions of television viewers. AE: Did the show come to you or did you put your name in a hat? MN: They’ve been asking me for years but I kept saying “No way! My girlfriend has been trying to get me to wear dresses and I’m like, “That’s not me.” She’d say, “But you have great legs!

With competitors like actress Melissa Gilbert, a Pip-less Gladys Knight and TV hostess Maria Menounos and being partnered with Tony Dovolani (who has yet to take a contestant all the way to win the coveted Mirrorball Trophy), Martina, who is currently the Health and Fitness Ambassador for AARP, may have her work cut out for her. I can’t see myself in those high heels.” But then I found out the heels are not that high and once I kind of got over that I thought “Okay, I can do the dress.” And when I put the dress on, I was like, “Oh my God! ” So I put on the dress and was like, “I do have good legs! This is about as far out of my comfort zone as I could possible be, other than perhaps synchronized swimming, which is about the only sport that I can’t do.

This isn't the first time a relationship of Martina's has ended in strife.

In 1991 she broke up with her partner of eight years, Judy Nelson, and paid Judy a reported .5 million—although she didn't insist on confidentiality that time.

Navratilova was working as a color commentator at the New York-based tennis tournament and proposed while on break from her duties.

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After My first question is, how are you dealing with all this sudden attention due to the show? I’m a very curious soul and I like to experience new things, but you have to push yourself and this is as hard as I could push myself.

Only a few media outlets that covered their wedding noted Lemigova’s two daughters from a previous relationship, Navratilova’s stepchildren. The BBC mentions the girls, but doesn’t quite nail the coverage, in my opinion.

It says: “For Navratilova, there are actually two new roles today — wife and mother — Lemigova has two daughters.

Tennis star pays off former lesbian lover to prevent her from spilling secrets.

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Tennis great Martina Navratilova has settled a lawsuit brought by her ex-wife, paying Toni Layton million for her silence after a two-year court battle.

Judy Nelson, whom she was with in the 1980s, had two sons. She’d play tennis with them, do their homework with them and cook. I said: “Martina is someone I love.” Her eyes went all wide. Society is certainly more supportive of same-sex relationships and parenting today.

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