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Visit their sites to find tour schedules, video clips, mp3 files, headshots, contact, booking and other information on the net about gay stand-up comedy.San Francisco Tom Ammiano is a comedian as well as being a member of the California State Assembly.

Now living in Los Angeles after transplanting from Boston.

For East-Side-brownstones that most celebrity transplants favor.

Tri Be Ca’s pretty gay; it stands for Triangle Below Canal (St).

Cynthia和Christine从2004年就在一起了,幷於去年共同有了一个孩子。最近欲望都市的明星因为她自己的性向的话题引发了一些争论,她所在的州纽约合法化了gay 婚姻使得她更加坚定了自己对Christine的爱,更加快乐。眼熟不??!! 是 就是欲望都市的 miranda 就是她!!!话说在sex and the city滴时候 就觉得她像个gay 没想到真滴就这样闪亮亮的弯了 Amber Heard and Tasya van Ree The actress and photographer have been together for several years and are active in fighting for equality.

Amber's roles in The Playboy Club and The Rum Diary brought her into the mainstream this year and she never shies away from discussing her sexuality and love for Tasya.

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