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29-Nov-2017 22:16

They are adorable, they are LOUD, they are so easy to shop for, they are PERSISTANT, they are sweet, they love TREATS…. If your family is in a place where the children rule the roost then you have GOT to put the brakes on that!!Your kids, as wonderful and special as they are, should not be your top priority. Well, we are here to tell ya that YES, they’re real, and And The Dating Divas think we’ve figured out the secret to their success!In her study, Angela Nickerson, of the Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Center at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, sought to determine how this dynamic affected these children across their life span.“As the life span progresses and the individual reaches adulthood, the psychological and interpersonal consequences of this disturbance may manifest in long-term mental health problems,” said Nickerson.Your spouse, that amazing person who holds your heart, needs to know that they are your #1 now and always. We have all envied them- those couples that are ‘newlywed-in-love’ with well-behaved children. With all of our marriages combined, the Divas total years and YEARS of experience, and if there’s one thing we know will make your marriage stronger, it’s spoiling your husband!

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The pressure is on and you don’t want to raise your child to always feel entitled.

Many team members have special skills, experience, and knowledge to support children with advanced cancer and their families.