Radcombobox selectedvalue not updating

12-Sep-2017 23:40

Load-On-Demand fires and populates the control with data if the user types in the input area or clicks on the drop-down toggle image when there are no items in the Rad Combo Box.Additionally the Rad Combo Box items are not accessible on the server-side when loading them on demand and that is why they cannot be accessed using the server-side Find Item By Text / Value methods - please take a look at this help article. For example I have a dropdown with 2 columns with first column having "Project Engineer" and second "VAC-1001". My user types "1001" as search criteria and system brings one record, but that record (Rad Combo Box Item) is not being selected. I tried setting Selected Item to its text but getting below error: "Property 'Selected Item' is 'Read Only'." I also tried using Selected Index, but that is also not working.

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Object Instance = obj2 End Sub End Class When the Window first loads, the bindings hook up fine.

I am giving user the ability to filter combo box based upon items present either in column 1 or 2. All the best, Kalina the Telerik team Browse the vast support resources we have to jump start your development with Rad Controls for ASP. See how to integrate our AJAX controls seamlessly in Share Point 2007/2010 visiting our common Share Point portal.

The search criteria may not necessarily appear in the beginning of the dropdown items, it may appear anywhere in the text.

When applying a Data Template in the code behind(and view model) that contains a Rad Combo Box to an instance of Data Form Combo Box Field, that Data Template’s Rad Combo Box’s Selected Value binding does not work.

If however, that same code is used without applying the Data Template (which includes having the bindings and properties of the “standard/default” Combo Box that is part of the default Data Form Combo Box Field set explicitly), everything works fine.

I am not able to select the first item of Rad Combo Box programmatically. Hello Muhammad Irfan, I am afraid that we will need more details about your implementation. but that record (Rad Combo Box Item) is not being selected.”?

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