Self accomodating shear strain

10-Sep-2017 09:38

The lattice-variant transformation dislocations originate from the three-dimensional network, where screw dislocation segments dissociate to form fluctuating microdomains (localized soft modes), and these thicken when the transformation dislocations multiply by a cross-slip dissociation mechanism.

The computed Schmid factors for variants in self-accommodating groups show opposite signs, indicative of a minimum long-range stress field.

Two main contradictory arguments exist concerning the deformation mechanisms of those alloys, i.e., formation of reversible nanodisturbance and reversible martensitic transformation.

Herein we used the in-situ synchrotron high-energy X-ray scattering technique to reveal the novel intrinsic physical origin of all anomalous mechanical properties of the Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn-0.10O alloy, a typical gum-like metal.

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ABSTRACT: The hysteresis loop interior of thermoelastic martensitic transformations of Ti Ni-base shape memory alloys including the transformation with invariant plane is investigated in the partial transformation cycles and discussed.Ti-Nb-based Gum Metals exhibit extraordinary superelasticity with ultralow elastic modulus, superior strength and ductility, and a peculiar dislocation-free deformation behavior, most of which challenge existing theories of crystal strength.Additionally, this kind of alloys actually displays even more anomalous mechanical properties, such as the non-linear superelastic behavior, accompanied by a pronounced tension-to-compression asymmetry, and large ductility with a low Poisson's ratio.The martensitic microstructure of shape memory alloy (SMA) is essentially an aggregate of martensite plate groups.

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It has been shown that the microstructure of Ni-Ti SMA consists of martensite plates clustered in a triangular morphology about the (100)[beta] pole and that of SMA's which transform to 9R, 3R and 2H martensites consist of diamond shaped 4-plate groups clustered about the (110)[beta] pole.

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