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03-Oct-2017 05:33

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We get the next val, change the increment to be that (negative), select once to get it to zero and then reset the increment to 1. Just use the code I provided: column S new_val inc; select seq.nextval S from dual; alter sequence seq increment by -&inc minvalue 0; select seq.nextval S from dual; alter sequence seq increment by 1; select seq.nextval from dual; do that, as is, and it'll work as advertised. Thanks as always :) you'd have to goto prod, grab the sequence name and last_number from dba_sequences.February 03, 2003 - am UTC just reset the value to be whatever "start with" value you want. test dababase has been populated by importing one month old dump of prod. we want to see the next values of sequences of test database at least equal to prod database's sequence next values. Then you can use the technique above in test to reset to zero, change the increment to last_number and select nextval (hence making the sequence "be at" last_number, then change the increment to 1 again and it'll be done.

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and then you tried to set the increment to 0, which just isn't allowed (as evidenced by the ora-4002 error) You need to read the example above again (slower).An application is considered to employ bean-managed persistence (BMP) for its entity beans when these entity beans explicitly access the persistent storage-the entity bean includes code to directly access the persistent storage.