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Lily James, who plays Lady Rose Aldridge, was always a fashion lightening rod, pushing the young and wild agenda, dancing to the wireless, dating jazz bandleaders, and marrying a Jewish man.In time, Lady Mary bobbed her hair, donned drop-waisted dresses that showed off her boyish figure, and rejected riding side-saddle. When the show started in 2010, certain names were doomed to obscurity, but they have gotten a shot in the arm from the costume drama sweeping the world.

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In addition, many affiliates provide localized content and city guides where singles may find information or make online purchases. For more information, or to become a affiliate, please visit has kick-started and reignited a number of trends, including the Victorian trend of the language of flowers, including a variety of flower names for women, such as Violet, Daisy, Rose, and Marigold.